Blizzard Motif Atelier™ 16FX

Motif Atelier 16FX – P2 – Green
Motif Atelier 16FX – P1 – CyanMotif Atelier 16FX – P1 – MagentaMotif Atelier 16FX – P1 – MB (2 pixel groups)Motif Atelier 16FX – P1 – OB (2 pixel groups)Motif Atelier 16FX – P1 – RedMotif Atelier 16FX – P1 – Warm WhiteMotif Atelier 16FX – P2 – BMYG (4 pixel groups)Motif Atelier 16FX – P2 – GreenMotif Atelier 16FX – P2 – OrangeMotif Atelier 16FX BackMotif Atelier 16FX Back+ Side 2Motif Atelier Control Panel (1)

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Product Description

Blizzard Motif Atelier™ 16FX

RGB+WW Wash with Pixel Mapping + 10×40° Asymmetrical Beam

IP65 Suitable for Outdoor Use


Rugged yet elegant… that’s not just a description of the Blizzard Modern Interpretive Dance Troop. It also describes the Motif™ Atelier™ 16FX. Our IP65-rated half-meter LED linear wash light offers RGB+WW 4-in-1 LED color mixing and pixel effects via 16x 15W, individually controllable high output LEDs. It mimics tungsten-source lighting to produce soft, warm white tones or add more warmth to the blend of any RGB mixed color.

Motif™ Atelier™ 16FX innovative asymmetrical 10×40° optics are ideally suited for vertical wash applications along walls, scrims, and other boundaries. It projects a 10° soft edge parallel to minimize spill away. Atelier’s™ 40° angle is perpendicular; its long axis mixes individual LEDs into a homogeneous wash or allows multiple swaths of color to overlap for spectacular gradients and pixel effects.

Motif™ Atelier 16FX features IP-rated DMX connectors and powerCON True1-compatible power connectors. Both power and DMX connectors also have sealing rubber covers to protect them from dust and water, making them fully compliant with IP65 protection class standards while making them easy to use indoors as well.

Luminous Intensity

     2-meter           3-meter           4-meter           5-meter 

Beam        Lux     fc             Lux        fc           Lux       fc            Lux      fc

40°         4,358   404.9     2,134   198.3      1,021     94.9        787     73.2

Main Features 

  • Color mixing via 16x 15W RGB+WW 4-in-1 LEDs
  • 10-40° asymmetrical beam spread
  • Wash effect, grouped pixels, and pixel mapping
  • Virtual color wheel effects
  • 33 built-in automated programs, 10 custom colors, and 3 custom program banks
  • RGB+WW color mixing ability in standalone mode
  • Custom global color calibration settings
  • Variable electronic dimmer & multiple strobe effects
  • Sync custom settings between fixtures via DMX
  • Fixture ID addressing
  • LED control panel with touch sensitive buttons
  • Durable cast aluminum housing
  • Tempered glass lens and watertight internal gaskets
  • Efficient convection cooling for zero fan noise
  • Mounting bracket with locking knobs


  • 16x 15W RGB+WW 4-in-1 LEDs, (2700k Warm White)
  • 10-40° asymmetrical degree beam
  • Flicker-free LEDs

Weight + Dimensions 

  • Width: 39.3” (997 mm)
  • Depth: 3.7” (94.7 mm)
  • Height: 7.1” (179.9 mm)
  • Bracket depth: 5.2” (132.3 mm)
  • Weight: 15.4 lbs. (7 kg)


  • Protocol: USITT DMX-512
  • 3/4/5/10/16/24/40 or 72-channel DMX
  • Standalone, master/slave, color preset, auto mode
  • 3-pin DMX input/output
  • 4-button LED control menu display

Power + Current

  • 100-264VAC, 47-63 Hz
  • 214W,  1.8A, PF: .99


  • 2-year limited warranty, does not cover malfunction caused by damage to LEDs



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