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Product Description

blizzard LIGHTING Lucid™ 180 IQ DMX

Having trouble maintaining your sanity while programming that totally rad light show? Then why not let our new Lucidtrade; hardware & software solutions add some smarts to your lights!

lucid-logoThe Lucidtrade; intuitive software interface will put incredible power at your fingertips, simplifying many of those normally complicated lighting tasks with drag-and-drop functionality, built-in effect generators and state-of-the-art 3D rendering!

You can choose between our two easy to use hardware configurations: The Lucid 140 IQ (White Interface – available here), or Lucidtrade; 180 IQ. Both are packed with features you’ll come to appreciate like pre-written profiles for over 9,000 fixtures, cue overlay/stacking, matrix generator, BPM triggering, plus audio playback/triggering. Remote control apps are also available for iOS and android devices.

Lucidtrade; 140 IQ – (White Interface – available here) Cost-effective choice while retaining most of the features of 180 IQ. It features 1 DMX out universe (512 channels), and 1 DMX IN/OUT universe.

Lucidtrade; 180 IQ – (Blue Interface) Unlocks the full potential of the software. Includes enhanced 3d visualization capabilities, in/out control of up to 3 DMX universes (1,536 channels), plus standalone playback via included SD card, midi triggering and standalone show scheduling.

From simple movements to stunning effects, or even playing video on an RGB matrix; creating advanced effects with Lucidtrade; DMX control software is a breeze!

Comparative Chart

  Lucid 140 IQ Lucid 180 IQ
3D visualization LIMITED FULL
Profile library
DMX Output 2 x 512 3 x 512
DMX Input 512 (in/out) 512 (in/out)
Port triggering
MIDI triggering
Stand alone memory   SD Card
IR triggering  
Clock & Calendar  

Main Features

  • Patch Manager: Add lighting fixtures in a few seconds.
  • Stand Alone Mode: Download your shows into the interface memory, trigger sequences from the interface I/O ports, and read the current sequence from the numeric display. This mode also serves as a backup in case of a computer crash, or as a full controller in architectural applications.
  • Effects Generator: From simple movements, to complex RGB effects, or playing video on an RGB Matrix; creating advanced effects is a breeze.
  • Profile Editor: Introducing a new format including the very latest features available on DMX devices, the new Virtual Fixture Profile Editor makes it possible to create your own devices quickly and easily.
  • 3D Visualization: Utilizing the latest 3D rendering technologies and the new fixture profile format, the new 3D visualizer offers unprecedented realism and quality.

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System Requirements

  • Windows® XP, 512MB of RAM, Windows Vistatrade;, 1GB of RAM or Windows 7 (any 32-bit / 64-bit editions).
  • 200MB of available hard-disk space.
  • 1,024×768 monitor resolution with 16-bit video card.
  • USB 2 port (USB 1 not supported).


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