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Product Description


Lightshark LS-Core™


WorkPro® LightShark Series

An Innovative Concept

LightShark is a cross-platform lighting control system, with up to 8 DMX universes, which has an ultrafast web-based User Interface, being able to connect up to 3 devices at the same time to create your own multiscreen control system. Thanks to this concept, LightShark features a plug & play solution, avoiding the inconvenience of having to install any software or driver on a computer. A web browser is all you need to have complete access to the software, no matter the Operative System (iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS).

Simply Powerful

The LightShark range comprises two independent hardware products which have built-in the LightShark engine software, the LS-Core and the LS-1 console, both developed and designed entirely within WORK PRO’s lighting division. The LS-1 brings together the best features from the world of innovative software-only lighting control and marries them to an intuitive, ergonomic hardware control surface. The LS-Core omits the LS-1’s hardware control surface but offers exactly the same lighting control software, processing power, and smartphone/tablet-based software control interface.

This listing is for the LS-Core only

                                                                       Main FeaturesMAIN FEAT

  • • Designed for fast programming, avoiding repetitive tasks.
    • Supports DMX-512, Art-Net, ACN, MIDI, UDP, OSC & HTTP.
    • Multi-touch UI: Allows multiple touch events simultaneously.
    • 8 DMX universes: 4096 channels to manage a complete show.
    • Edit your own fixture library with support for virtual modes.
    • Supports OSC control software or a MIDI console connection.
    • 10 main playbacks: 10 main playback faders.
    • 20 virtual playbacks: manage 30 playbacks in total.
    • Manual crossfade: Jump quickly between cues.
    • Cross-platform: No matter the OS, it is web based.
    • Built-in web server app, pre-loaded instantly in the web client.
    • Extended Cue memory: Up to 1200 cues.
    • Fanning function: Quick access to fanning.
    • Built-in FX engine: More than 20 customizable effects.
    • Submaster FX size & speed: Accurate effect control.
    • RGB & CMY Color Picker: Adjust the color with just a click.
    • Unlimited user palettes gives you a lot of possibilities.
    • Customizable Executors window: Ultrafast cue triggering.
    • Internal event scheduler: Useful for architectural applications.


8 DMX Universes
Built-in Display
Manual Crossfade
Up to 4096 Fixtures
10 Main PlayBacks
20 Wing Faders
Built-in Fixture Editor
WIFI & 100/1000 Ethernet
Built-in Web Server App
MIDI & OSC Support
Up to 3 Simultaneous Displays
Internal Scheduler
Up to 1200 Cues
Fanning Function
Multi-Touch UI
Built-in Fx Engine
SubMaster Fx Size & Speed Editor


2x DMX output (XLR 3-pin and 5-pin)
Ethernet port (TCP/IP, ArtNet, sACN)
1x USB ports

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions: 108 x 40 x 142 mm
Weight: 460 grams

Power & Current

External power adapter
Operating voltage: 90-250V, 50/60Hz


2-year limited warranty



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