Blizzard LB HEX Unplugged

LB Hex Unplugged P3 – Red
LB Hex Unplugged P1 – AmberLB Hex Unplugged Rear ConnectionsLB Hex Unplugged P1 – BlueLB Hex Unplugged P1 – Cyan (1)LB Hex Unplugged Rear PanelLB Hex Unplugged P1 – GreenLB Hex Unplugged P1 – Magenta 2LB Hex Unplugged P1 – MagentaLB Hex Unplugged P1 – RedLB Hex Unplugged P1 – WhiteLB Hex Unplugged P2 – AmberLB Hex Unplugged P2 – BlueLB Hex Unplugged P2 – Cyan 2LB Hex Unplugged P2 – CyanLB Hex Unplugged P2 – GreenLB Hex Unplugged P2 – Magenta 2LB Hex Unplugged P2 – MagentaLB Hex Unplugged P2 – RedLB Hex Unplugged P2 – WhiteLB Hex Unplugged P2 – YellowLB Hex Unplugged P3 – AmberLB Hex Unplugged P3 – BlueLB Hex Unplugged P3 – CyanLB Hex Unplugged P3 – GreenLB Hex Unplugged P3 – Magenta 2LB Hex Unplugged P3 – OrangeLB Hex Unplugged P3 – RedLB Hex Unplugged P3 – WhiteLB Hex Unplugged P3 – Yellow

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Product Description

Blizzard LB HEX UnPlugged

6 x  6-watt 6-in-1 Battery Powered LED PAR wash fixture

Meet the LB Hex™ Unplugged™: one incredibly powerful LED wash fixture!

Featuring 6 x 6-watt RGBAW+UV LEDs plus a lithium-ion battery system, LB Hex™ Unplugged™ delivers smooth, rich colors for up to 15 hours (Single color or 4+ hours all colors)  on a single charge. LB Hex™ Unplugged™ rocks multiple color presets plus built-in auto and sound-active modes, all of which are available in DMX and standalone modes. Plus, it comes with a handy IR remote control!

And …..Ooh la-la! LB Hex™ Unplugged™ keeps things cool and quiet with advanced convection cooling and also features a power-save mode and on-board battery level monitor.                                Even better, LB Hex™ Unplugged™ is wiCICLE® Enabled, so you can take full advantage of our wiCICLE® wireless DMX devices without any external power needed!                                                   Just plug wiCICLE® in to the DMX-IN jack, and you’re lighting in the cloud, my man!

So do it already! Cut the cord, with LB Hex™ Unplugged™

Main Features

• 6* high output 6W RGBAW+UV 6-in-1 LEDs

• Intelion™ lithium-ion battery system

• Selectable power saving modes

• Real-time battery life monitoring

• Wireless IR remote control

• Variable electronic dimming

• Flicker-free constant-current LED driver

• Strobe (1-20Hz), 5 different effects

• Color presets, auto, & sound active programs

• User selectable 32-bit dimming curves

• 4-button LED control panel for easy programming

• Convection cooled housing, totally silent operation

• Dual bracket for flexibility in mounting

  • 3-pin male/female XLR input & output

• PowerCon™ compatible AC power In/Out

• wiCICLE® enabled


  • Light source: 6*high output 6-watt RGBAW+UV LED
  • 25° beam angle
  • Flicker-free LEDs
  • Luminous intensity: 4,319 Lux (401.2 fc) @ 1m | 883 Lux (82.1 fc) @ 2m

Weight + Dimensions

  • Width: 5.6” (141 mm)
  • Depth: 7” (17.7 mm)
  • Height: 8.3” (211 mm)
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs. (2.2 kg)


  • Protocol: USITT DMX-512
  • 8/13-channel DMX
  • Standalone, master/slave, auto, sound active
  • 3-pin DMX input/output
  • 4-button LED control menu display

Power + Current

  • 110-240VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • 21W, .24A, PF: .66
  • Battery capacity: 4.4Ah
  • Battery runtime: All on: 4+ hours, single color: up to 15 hours
  • Recharge time: 3.5 hours


  • 2-year limited warranty, does not cover malfunction caused by damage to LEDs



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